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Welcome. You are obviously an amazing and powerful soul!

Serving New Thought is a ministry. Our staff is international and therefore in different time zones..
Our "hearty band" of compassionate ministers circling the world serves over 2000 New Thought Spiritual Communities around the globe including yours. We are people, like you, who are Serving New Thought. We are not a huge corporation. We are not a private company. We are all part of a ministry which cares for you. Often while you are sleeping, one or more of us is awake doing Spiritual Mind Treatment to support you or someone else or checking on your website or another New Thought web to insure that all is well.

By now you know that the website support minitry is only a small part of what we do. You are aware that we are not a web company, in fact we are not a private company at all. You understand we are a worldwide ministry empowering New Thought Seekers and Sharers in wonderful ways around the world. You realize that we operate on Prosperity Principles and that we do not send out bills. We are supported by people of high consciousness. That means people like you who are sending in regular voluntary tithes and making regular voluntary donations.

Your mentor minister may have more than one vocation and thus when not supporting you, could be painting a painting, working in a film or television show, writing a book or an article for a magazine or teaching a class at the university or online.

Arrival at this page means you are a spiritual leader entering the Conscious Ministry program and are being guided by one of your Mentor Ministers.
Perhaps one day you will be a Mentor Minister supporting another New Thought minister or several New Thought Ministries around the globe. Today you are taking your first steps in this program. We believe in you!

With a bit of guidance from your mentor, fill this form out completely and submit it now.

Not a Minister? Are you volunteering to support your center? Click Here!

The Conscious Ministry program has helped all its participants in growing their ministries through evolving consciousness in a number of areas. The crucial component to growth is you, the participant.

There is no right or wrong answer to the questions. There is your answer!

We believe that you are an amazing and delightful spiritual being!

We understand that all people go through ups and downs. Everyone encounters various challenges.
Through teamwork, these challenges can more easily be surmounted.

You are on a wonderful journey of empowerment. As the Spiritual Leader of your center, you are part of a team. You are the point person on your team. You are responsible for your progress. We will support you on this venture as long as you are doing your homework and demonstrating a professional and caring attitude.

It is important to keep your appointments. Do not be tardy and if you going to miss an appontment be sure and call in advance. This is a professional program and there are other participants who are making appointments and would like timeslots.

When you have finished filling out this form, please click the "submit" button.

Thank you for your wonderful support! We appreciate all that you are and do!

The Conscious Ministry Application must be completed by all potential participants
before admission or participation in the Conscious Ministry or Prosperity Programs.

Do Not use all CAPS!

Name & Address

Tell us about New Thought

How many Denominations of New Thought are there?

Does having this variety of viewpoints support the growth of New Thought?

What are your circumstances?

Your Center/Church

Group meetings and other ways you use your meeting place

Education Programs

Support Systems - Volunteers - Board

Prayer Programs

Your Insights and Vision

My insights about Serving New Thought's Services

What I am hoping to achieve through the Conscious Ministry Program

Comments & Questions

Did you fill the form out completely?
If so then click the "Submit" button above.

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